Your Human Design Guides


Rose Osman
2/4 Splenic Projector
Right Angle Cross of Service

Rose begin her Human Design journey in 2013 after a reading session she had with Lynette Haggins. The first shift she experienced was her Undefined Solar Plexus. Later on, she took her experiment into the next level by sleeping in her own aura and only speak when invited. The deconditioning process in her Undefined Throat center bring power and influence to her voice.

In 2016, she began her professional education in Human Design and she have conducted more than 6 LYD classes and workshops locally and co-teaching internationally. She also provide coaching sessions for individual and involves in Laveena Archers’ study group as a mentor.

Besides teaching and coaching, Rose also provide consultation for small businesses, helping with the business structure and flow. She’s also an inspirational writer for local newspaper.


Cheryl Photo.jpg

Cheryl Glans
6/2 Splenic Projector
Left Angle Cross of Mask

Cheryl begins her Human Design journey in 2015 after she realized that her life is shifting in a different direction. In the following year, Cheryl embarked the journey as professional and begin to offer her guidance for people through her objective view as a Role Model. She is designed to empower others to live authentically as themselves and guiding others through her experiences and Insight.

Cheryl currently lives in Suriname (South America) where she provide Living Your Design Awakening Program to Surinamese and for people from Netherlands.

She offers Living Your Design Awakening coaching in English and Dutch.


“Your presence is very felt, Rose. It comes through your voice. You have a very different kind of voice, very rock solid voice that just makes me feel very comfortable and I feel like I can trust you completely.

You really use your voice, your openness of your throat in a beautiful way; very flexible, very adaptable, obviously it just felt natural and engaging. You brought in a lot of quality, very much about personal realisation.”
— - Carol Zimmerman on guide training.