Do you love being a projector.. or simply deny it?


What led me to this wonderful journey of self-discovery was my nonacceptance for being a Projector. Hello there! I’m Rose Osman, a 2/4 Splenic Projector.

It’s funny to reflect how I got here. Ra Uru Hu was right. We have no choice with what has been given to us, especially this body and its design. Through acceptance and surrendering, and following my Strategy as a Projector, my Life has taken a remarkable turn from being invisible to being recognised as a guide and coach.

My Splenic Authority recognises the invitation to pursue my talent and expand my gift through Human Design. A correct invitation for a Projector is indeed powerful especially for a 2/4 Profile like me, a missionary. Everything falls into place with invitation and recognition. Although the journey is filled with struggles, it continues to be empowering. My gratitude is to all the beautiful souls who trusted me, support and guide me through this journey.

With the gift of Realisation, I’m here to aid you to know your Self and make Peace between you and your past, and between you and others.

If you are a Projector and you are longing for recognition and invitation, now is the time to understand your gifts as a natural born advisor. If you are Generator, Manifestor or Reflector, it's time to get to know yourself.

Career History

I worked in Logistic and Warehousing for 12 years, covering these areas from accounting, administration, operation and management level. From 2005 to 2009, I managed two operations for AMD and Spansion and also involved in warehouse startup for Phillips and Google. In 2013 (after I took three years breaks from working), I went to Brunei for 20 months and work in a Garment industry; focusing on structuring the inventory and stocks.

In 2010, I left Logistic and aiming for coaching industry. Deep inside of me feels that this is my call; to guide. That's an intuitive call to walk this path as a Projector.

I begin Human Design education in 2016 and currently certified as Living Your Design Guide. I’m also a certified energy healer.

Education Background

Diploma in Science - 1999
Energy Healing Mastery Course (Healing and Business Modules) - 2014
Living Your Design Guide - Human Design 2016


What else I do
besides Human Design?

I’m a Dowser and I teach basic dowsing for the beginner.

My team and I produced an e-course in Udemy. 
The course focus on healing for the Anxiety. We are hoping to continue producing more e-course in the future.

I’m an emotional healer by gift.
I work on emotional pain, traumas, sexual guilt-shame.

I hold space for others who wish to reflect their past. 
A realisation is a powerful healing.

I’m a blogger and a 300 words writer for the local newspaper.

I guide and coach businesswomen to set up and build their online coaching. Currently assisting a few businesswomen from around the world.

You can email me if you require any of these services.