Projectors - The New Leaders
2 days Mini Course

With Cheryl Glans and Rose Osman
june 8th and June 15th 2019
8am PST

This is the ultimate responsibility of the Projector. If every projector would perfect their human environment, we would have an extraordinary planet. In the mythos of this age of types, Projector and Generator are the holy center of this whole process. They have a deeply profound relationship with each other that is yet to emerge. It takes time to develop the awareness to get Projectors to a point where not only do they actually live out their Design, but they’re gifted enough to maintain the integrity of their correctness.
— Ra Uru Hu
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2 days Mini Course on Projectors.
Find out your Gift as a Leader, begin June 2019

The mini course focus on Projectors, their aura and their purpose in this world.
The 2 days course will be held via Zoom.

Topics we cover:

  • Why are we here?

  • Projectors’ Aura - Discover our uniqueness and aura exercises.

  • Invitation and Recognition - Why we need them? How an Invitation looks like and etc.

  • Effective Communication as Projectors.

  • Projector in Relationship - Aligning self and the other.

  • Success Factor - What contributes to Projector success?

  • Healthy Lifestyle as Projector.

  • And more.

Energy Exchange: USD 111.00 per person (Promotional price)

Date: June 8th and June 15th (planning date)

Time: 8am PST.


We understand the important of Invitation.
if you require personal invitation,
please email us For Further Interaction.

Rose Osman - 2/4 Splenic Projector,
Rax Cross of Service

Cheryl Glans - 6/2 Splenic Projector
Lax Cross of Masks

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