Projectors - The Emerging Leaders
3 Weeks Crash Course Program

Everything You Need To Know About Being A Projector

With Cheryl Glans and Rose Osman
26th Oct, 2nd Nov and 9th Nov 2019
Time: To be confirmed


This is the ultimate responsibility of the Projector. If every projector would perfect their human environment, we would have an extraordinary planet. In the mythos of this age of types, Projector and Generator are the holy center of this whole process. They have a deeply profound relationship with each other that is yet to emerge. It takes time to develop the awareness to get Projectors to a point where not only do they actually live out their Design, but they’re gifted enough to maintain the integrity of their correctness.
— Ra Uru Hu


3 Weeks Crash Course.
3 Modules. Projector Mentoring Program.
Unfold Your Gift as a Leader, beginning 26th Oct 2019.

The 3 weeks course focus on Projectors, their aura and their purpose in this world.
The course is interactive and recorded.


Week 1:
Know Your Being


1. Why are we here?
- Emerging of Projector
- The transition from 7 Centered to 9 Centered

2. Projectors Playground
- Know your conditioning field and Undefined/Open centers

3. Types of Projectors
- Students' chart overview

4. Projectors’ Aura -
Discover Projector uniqueness and aura exercises

Intuition Abstract.jpg

Week 2:
Know Your Power


5. Invitation and Recognition.
- Reasons why we need an invitation?

6. Types of Invitation.
- How does an Invitation feel like?

7. Shifting The Way You Make Decision.
- Mind vs Authority
- Types of Authority - Students' chart overview

8. Enhancement and Reflection Session.
- Projector signature
- In-body experience


Week 3:
Know Your Voice


9. Effective Communication as a Leader/Guide
- Know your voice
- Communication strategy

10. Projector and Relationship
- Know the areas where you attract others.
- Understand your definition
- Students’ chart overview

11. Success Factor For Projectors
- What contributes to Projector success?

12. Healthy Lifestyle as Projector.
- What you can do to change your frequency?

Projectors As Entrepreneurs


Sign-Up Details:

  • Energy Exchange:
    USD 150.00 per person for 3 classes.

    Come as a pair and both of you get 20% discount!
    USD 240.00 for 2 person

  • Date:
    1st Class - Oct 26th, 2019 (Saturday)
    2nd Class - Nov 2nd, 2019 (Saturday)
    3rd Class - Nov 9th, 2019 (Saturday)

  • Time:
    To be confirmed

  • Is This Course Open to Other Types?
    Yes. If you desire to learn about Projector, we are happy to share our experience with you.


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