This is the only spiritual course you’ll find in Human Design
— Ra Uru Hu

Welcome to Living Your Design Awakening Journey
With Cheryl and Rose


What is Living Your Design (LYD) Awakening Program?

Living Your Design Awakening Program is designed to guide and assist you in living your design. The modules are structured to help you:

  • Peel off the layers of your Not-Self and conditioning.

  • Expand your Awareness about the nine-centered and their nature and potential.

  • Know your fears, mental and emotional anxiety.

  • Understand the mystery of your Type, Strategy, Authority and Definition.

  • Discover how you behave in a relationship.

  • Explore in-body experiences.

  • Feel the power of your Authority.

The awakening program is a new beginning that allows you to accept your nature and understand your shadow and its wisdom potential. It is also the first foundation course if you are pursuing Human Design professional path.

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Upcoming Living Your Design 10 Weeks Classes - May/June 2019

The awakening program is held weekly via Zoom classes for 10 sessions.
You will be guided by two certified IHDS members:

Rose Osman and Cheryl Glans. Both of them are Splenic Projector with Profile 2/4 and 6/2 respectively. If you prefer online learning and taking your time to explore your design, then this is a perfect option for you.

Next Upcoming LYD Awakening: May-June 2019

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This program is the first foundation course in IHDS.