What is Living Your Design (LYD)?

Living Your Design Awakening Program is a course designed to give you cellular transformation. LYD is a new beginning that allows you to accept your nature, understand your shadow and light and tap into infinite wisdom potential.

It helps to awaken your mind and your body (form principle) to its unique frequency. The modules are structured to help you:

  • Remove the layers of your Not-Self/shadow and conditioning.

  • Expand your Awareness about your nine-centered energies and their nature and potential.

  • Know your fears, mental anxiety and emotional nervousness.

  • Understand the mystery of your Type, Strategy, Authority and Definition.

  • Discover how you behave in a relationship.

  • Explore your body experiences and consciousness.

  • Feel the power of your Authority.


Three ways to join
Living Your Design Awakening Program.

2 Days Workshop - RM 1450/Person

9 Weeks Online Classes - RM 1450/Person

5 Weeks Individual Immersion Sessions - RM 1800/Person



Living Your Design Benefits

  1. Begin your body experiment with deep awareness and clarity

  2. Know the relationship between your mind and the openness.

  3. Accelerate your deconditioning process.

  4. You get to understand yourself and your relationship with others.

  5. Increase self-love and respect.

  6. Promote relaxation to your body through surrendering process.

This is the only spiritual course you’ll find in Human Design
— Ra Uru Hu

What Will I Learned In Living Your Design Program?

The program offer you a safe space to experiment your design.
There are 4 primary modules in LYD Program for you to begin with.

Module 1:

Introduction to your Bodygraph. Explore the
quantum of your Personality and Design and it relations to the Universe and others.

Module 2:

Take a deep dive into nine centers energy. Second modules are the biggest area where we awaken to our nine-centered and its functions. Here you’ll get to learn about your Not-Self and shadows, the biological aspect of each centers, the relationship between centers and the mind and many more.

Module 3:

Explore your Definition. This is where you get to know how each definition behave in processing information, communication and relationship.

Module 4:

Living Your Type, Strategy and Authority. In this section, you get to see what makes your Type and Strategy on the energy level. Explore your Inner Authority and power through body experiment.


“I just love our session today.. you really are resourceful about this and I just got enlightment by it. Really truly accurate about so many things especially manifesting generator, wait to respond until clarity emerge. Love!
— Maida Tiva, Manifesting Generator, Indonesia

Coming Up:


2 Days LYD Workshop
For Generator & Manifesting Generator

16th & 17th Sept
Klang Valley

Generator-LYD-Sept 2019.png

Living Your Design is also the first foundation course in IHDS.
It is a requirement if you are pursuing Human Design professional path.
Foundation Reading is not required at this level.