Know Your Design Coaching


If you just need a session or a few to understand your Human Design, you can opt for a Human Design coaching session.
An interactive presentation that suits your design is provided for the session.


First Session - For Beginners or Refresher:
RM 398 (USD 98)

The first coaching session offers a depth insight into your Nine-Centers. If you are a beginner, this is a good option for you to kick-start your experiment. These are the things we will cover in 90 minutes:

  • The way your Aura function for you

  • The Strategy that you can apply to reduce resistance in your life.

  • Tapping into your Inner Authority, your source of Inner Power.

  • Know the centers that pull you away from your uniqueness.

  • Discover the centers that emitting your authentic energy to others.

You can book the session directly here or you can email us for arrangement.


Follow Up Session:
RM 200 (USD 50) - 60 minutes via online.

The follow-up session(s) focus on your specific need ranging from your personal growth to the relationship. You can opt for the session if you are looking for more guidance in living your design.
Follow up session only applicable to those who fit one of these criteria:

  • You have taken Foundation Reading by a certified analyst.

  • You have taken Living Your Design Awakening course from Rose Osman or other certified guides.

  • You have taken the first coaching session from us.

Energy exchange is varied:

RM 200 (USD 50) for an hour (via online only)
RM 280 for two hours (One-on-One session in Klang Valley only)

Our coaching session(s) is NOT a foundation reading or analysis.
If you require a foundation reading, please contact us for recommendation or visit IHDS professional services.