Energy Healing for Anxiety

Anxiety is very painful to the body, mind and soul. The good news is; there are only 3 types of anxiety conditions and we are here to empower you on how to deal with them so that you’ll be able to unfold your peaceful life ahead.

Feeling upside down because of the anxiety?

Is anxiety for real?

Besides the imbalance in serotonin levels, Anxiety is merely an emotional state that responds to the fear we keep in our mind and body. According to Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D, Ph.D, (who developed the Map of Consciousness®), anxiety is a type of emotion that relates to the level of fear. Dr. Hawkins highlighted that one’s entire life process will be focusing on withdrawal from the society should he or she constantly live in the state of fear.

Enhance Your ‘Chi’ Body

You will learn a simple technique on how to release the energy blockage in your body. A harmony cycle of energy in your body will promote better circulation and channel for anxiety to transmute into healing.


Our programme is designed constructively to help shift you from the level of fear to the level of courage eventually allowing your body to respond to the healing energy accordingly.

Strengthen Your
Healing Body

We will coach you the right way to allow your body to heal itself. And it all has to do with your mind, emotions and breathing.

You can enrol in our E-Course on healing anxiety today. Just click the button below.

Personal Session Available Too!

If you prefer One-on-One sessions for anxiety healing, we offer a session or coaching package to manage your anxiety.
The session is conducted via zoom room. Each session takes 45 minutes to an hour.

Energy Exchange:
1st Session: RM 250 or USD 65
Follow up session: RM 180 or USD 45

Please contact us for further arrangement.


Disclaimer: We are not medical professionals, and we do not claim that anxiety can only be healed through our programme. We suggest you continue seeking treatment for anxiety should you currently be under medical supervision. However, if you are looking for an alternative approach to healing anxiety, we have a trained energy coach to assist you.
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