Generator and Manifesting Generator LYD Workshop
10:00 am10:00

Generator and Manifesting Generator LYD Workshop

Generator and Manifesting Generator Living Your Design (LYD) Awakening Workshop is confirmed! The workshop will be slightly different than the Manifestor and Projector workshop.

Here we will focus on Sacral activation and get you familiar with your Sacral power and voices. We will also train your mind to observe the differences between your True Self and the Not-Self (conditioning self).

Location: Setia Trefoil, Setia Alam (next to Setia City Mall).
Energy exchange: RM 1450 per person.
Repeat students: RM 507.50

As a 2/4 Projector, I would prefer a recommendation from my fellow networks. However, if this workshop calls you, feel free to connect with me for a casual session before you sign up for the workshop.

See you there

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