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Human Design
is about living life
with zero resistance

Living your design helps you reduce the anger, frustration, bitterness and disappointment.
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Human Design Courses Is Now Available for You.

There are three ways you can learn to live your design.

We offer Living Your Design Awakening course via online and workshops. Living Your Design is not just a learning course. It is a course that gives you cellular transformation and aligning you to your frequency.

Or you can opt for a personal coaching session. You can pick a topic or Rose will provide one based on your need. For Generators and Manifesting Generator, Sacral Activation session is now available for you.


Want To Know More About Your Design?

Discover your energy blueprint, gifts, purpose and potential
through Human Design System.

If you are interested in Human Design or Living Your Design Awakening Course
but unsure about the benefits, feel free to contact us for your 20 minute free session via zoom. 


Empower others to be their own Authority

Thank you so much for an incredible session today.
It feels wonderful to find out why I feel certain things and think in certain ways. It’s so nice to know that i’m not broken when I’m not like others- it’s all in my design- and it is a strength.

You are incredible at what you do- thanks for the great session!
— Bianca, Mental Projector, Australia
Hi Rose! I wanted to thank you. Your encouragement and words are helping me greatly. Most of my life I have not lived in routine, well I thought I didn’t need routine. After you pointing out that this is my design and for the last few weeks I have been living in a routine and LOVING IT! It’s making such a difference to my sense of satisfaction and I also feel energy levels too.
— Megan, Generator, Australia

Looking for Alternative Healing?

We are expanding our service and offering a few healing modalities to improve your emotional, mental and physical health. The alternative healing we offer focus on clearing blockage, releasing past wound, improving relationship and so much more.

Try our Access Consciousness® and Healing for Anxiety today.

Healing Anxiety

Try our E-course on Healing Anxiety today. The course explains the connection between anxiety, spirituality, and healing techniques to promote inner peace and increase the vitality of the body.

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