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Human Design Upcoming Events:
1. 24th Apr - 26th Apr:
- Living Your Design Awakening Workshop in Klang Valley.

2. 28th Apr:
- Introduction to Human Design in Penang Island
(The Benefit of Human Design in Personal Growth, Career Development, Parenting, Businesses)

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Human Design
Awaken Your
Inner Alchemy

Human Design is Self-Knowledge.
It is about YOU and your ALCHEMY.
It's about your Genetics and it’s expression.
It’s about your nature, potential, characteristics,
and many more.

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Rose Osman, Certified Living Your Design Guide Energy Coach & Emotional Healer  2/4 Splenic Projector, Right Angle Cross of Service.

Rose Osman, Certified Living Your Design Guide
Energy Coach & Emotional Healer

2/4 Splenic Projector, Right Angle Cross of Service.

Empower others to be their own leader

“I just love our session today.. you really are resourceful about this and I just got enlightment by it. Really truly accurate about so many things especially manifesting generator, wait to respond until clarity emerge. Love!”
— Maida Tiva, Indonesia

Our Coaching Service

We have two categories of coaching;
Human Design and non-Human Design.
If you don’t know what is best for you, please email us for a recommendation.

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Human Design Coaching

Human Design is a powerful self discovery tool that you can explore. Here we offer two coaching services to guide you through your design. Check out our Awakening program too.

It’s all here; for you.

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Realisation Session

Want to make sense of your past? In this session, I hold space for you to revisit your past in order to realise and learn your lessons and patterns.

This is a Non-Human Design service.

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Emotional Healing & Anxiety

If you are looking for an alternative way to heal and understand your anxiety, we have three ways for you to approach. You can opt for a personal session, a group coaching session or an online e-course.

This is a Non-Human Design Service.


What is Human Design?

Discover your energy blueprint, gifts, purpose and potential
through Human Design System.

Sign up for coaching and courses,
or you can request 20 minutes free session to review your Bodygraph.

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Want to know more about human Design?

If you are interested in Human Design but unsure about the benefits, feel free to contact us for your 20 minute free session via zoom. 



Thank you very much for this enlightening session and the information you shared
— Liew, Kuala Lumpur

Healing Anxiety

Try our E-course on Healing Anxiety today. The course explains the connection between anxiety, spirituality, and healing techniques to promote inner peace and increase the vitality of the body.

Purchase today for 60% off.

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